Sri Shivam

A Self – Awakened Master, founder of non-religious and non-profit organisation “Shivoham Foundation”, is an Indian Spiritual leader.

Param Siddha Gurudev Sarv Shivam Ji,

The Advent of Gurudev

There are signs that mark the advent of a divine being on Earth. An event so significant cannot take place in isolation. Sometimes the signs are subtle and sometimes quite obvious.

The birth of Gurudev was preceded by several such experiences that his parents had.

When his mother was expecting him, she had sightings of baby snakes inside her home. The sighting or dream of snakes are said to bring in New Spiritual Awakening, and transformation towards one’s higher self.

This incident was followed by a dream in which a majestic snake appeared before her. This is believed to be Anant Naag, the divine serpent that, alongside Vasuki, has a sacred place around Lord Shiva’s neck. This serpent is said to cool Shiva’s throat that holds the deadliest poison – Halahal Vish.

This divine serpent bowed to her and she heard him say, ‘Mother, I am coming’. She tried to make meaning of that dream. However much later, after the birth of Gurudev, she remembered her dream and was in awe when she recognized the uncanny resemblance between Gurudev’s mesmerizing eyes and those of the serpent that she had seen in the dream.

In Hindu Mythology, a serpent is an integral part of Lord Shiva. The deeper, symbolic meaning of this dream is – just as a Serpent (Sarp) pulls and takes away the poison, the purpose of Gurudev’s divine presence amongst us is to pull the poison of negativity and evil out of our lives, raising our consciousness to attain divinity.

Another significant story and a sign, is about how he got his name ‘Shivam’. Gurudev’s father Shree Ashok Kumar Sharma has been an ardent follower of Lord Shiva from a young age. He has tremendous love for and faith in Lord Shiva and he prays to him religiously. Gurudev’s mother too, is a follower of Goddess Bhagwati.

As the family was busy figuring out the name for the new born baby, Gurudev’s father had a vision of Lord Shiva. In this vision Lord Shiva to him in his most majestic, larger than life form. The Lord was adorned in huge dreadlocks (jatayen) dark as midnight, with a glowing, translucent body that was so large that he filled the skies and one could not see his feet. He wore snow white flowing robes and made a most divine appearance. Gurdev’s father was struck with wonder and awe. Lord Shiva smiled and said, ‘Why must you worry about naming this child. He is an ‘ansh’ (part) of me, so name him after me – ‘Shivam’. Thus, the name ‘Shivam’ was given by the Lord himself!

Childhood Stories

Guruji has been fearless since childhood and his Being or Existence has been about Satya, Prem and Sewa – Truth, Compassion and Service.
When he was in school, his teachers could not fully comprehend his deep meditative state. They were perplexed – and he would explain to them that true knowledge exists in the infinite universe,not in books or in the classroom. Even as a child, his need to question, to search for the logic of why things are the way they areand to go deep to find answers surprised his teachers. They were often left speechless, unable to grasp his evolved thinking and existence.

In school,while teaching about the environment, the teacher asked the class to connect with nature. Guruji looked outside, at the huge tree looming large in the school premises. As he looked at it deeply and intently, he actually connected with the tree, and feltenveloped by overwhelming love. He was, however, punished for not focussing in class. For the child doing exactly what the teacher had advocated, it was a moment of confusion.

During a summer vacation,Guruji’s family visitedthe Kedarnath Dham. When the head priest (Mahantji) of the temple saw Guruji, he was taken in with his divine persona. He was overwhelmed with feelings of divine love and surrender towards the little boy. He hugged Guruji with total surrender and felt soaked in immense love, as though there was a timeless connection between them. The young boy asked Mahant Ji to place the garland meant for Lord Shiva onto him. He said, “Mahant Ji,mujhe phool maala pehnaiye”. Smilingadoringly, Mahant ji said,“Why just us, Lord Shiva himself will come and adorn you with this garland.” (Hum kya, apko to swayam Shiv aake maala pehnayenge”).

The Calling

Seeing his curious mind and questioning attitude, his parents took him to a renowned astrologer to discuss his future. That astrologer suggested that they should keep him away from temples and spirituality, else he would become a monk.

His parents tried to turn him towards the glamour world. He acted in some popular Indian TV shows, but soon lost interest!

Eventually he found his calling in the philosophy and essence of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – The World is one large family. His message is that of Love, Compassion and Service for all beings and through that he continues to provide us with direction through his Vision.

Our Guruji – Who is he?

Gurudev or Guruji, who is just 28 years old, belongs to no religious or political organisation, sect, country or place. He does not even connect deeply with his own name.

His focus is only on – Awakening the Human Consciousness; such that, each one of us finds on our own – The Ultimate Truth – The Param Satya!

His messages are simple and truly life transforming when one puts them in practice- to surrender to the Infinite – the supreme soul through which we are all connected; to suspend judgement and negativity of thought towards self and others; to know when to use our logical mind and when to stop. It is a pathway totaste the divine nectar of love, peace and happiness – our real being!

He tells us that none of us are meant to suffer a single moment in this world – yet so many of us do, in so many ways!

We use our filters of gyan, buddhi, sanskar, rituals and hence receive only a portion of the joy we deserve.

He believes Work/Karma of everyday life is very important. All forms of abundance are important – material or non-material. The only way to attain any of these in abundance – more than we can hold -is not by being dogmatic, ritualistic or even spiritualistic. The Path to abundance is through the exchange of unconditional love, through fun and laughter in our daily lives, through living in the present, and in sharing beautiful moments with loved ones.

His Discourses and
Satsangs are a Delight!

He connects to the infinite astral world and shares his pearls of wisdom in simple words.Tapping into the universal consciousness and using ancient meditation practices, he connects with each one of us sitting for the practice, and channelizes the wisdom and healingone needs at the time – as if designed individually for each of us. Most times, we find our own answers in silence in his presence; the questions arise and the answers appear!

He truly believes all of us can get enlightened – it is not the prize of a precious few!


His purposeand hiscalling – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – would be delivered and manifested through the following works, in partnership with his foundation, The United Nations, like minded corporates, social bodies, and liberal arts universities across the world.

  1. 1. Raise consciousness of each and every being:

    Today, the reason for crime, corruption and negativity in society is that thepeople’s consciousness is asleep. Our mission is to awaken people and help them raise their consciousness so they live lives in waking state, thus bringing peace on earth and freeing society from crime, corruption and any form of negativity.

  2. The biggest sin is to fall asleep not by closing your eyes but by closing the real you. – Gurudev

  1. 2. Reenergize Environment:

    We exist because our environment enables life on Earth through its five elements (Panch Tattva) – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky. It’s the giver of Life – ‘Jeevandayini’. Today, our environment and its five elements are under serious threat for survival. When we re-energize these five elements by saving trees and forests, saying ‘No’ to plastic, saving our water bodies and more, we energize ourselves, as our body too is made up of the same five elements.

  2. Thus, taking care of environment is taking care of ourselves. – Gurudev

  3. 3. Build Equitable society for women and men:

    In making of an equitable society we ensure that the male and female energies coexist in balance, harmony and abundance thus ending domination or suppression of either of the energies. Both are able to express themselves fully, live joyously and rise to their highest potential.

    Become creative rather than reactive. – Gurudev

Stay Connected to peace and happiness – our real being!

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