Our business and corporate worlds today are operating at unprecedented growth rates, fueled by aggressive competition, game-changing technologies (like AI, ML, IoT) and information overload. The war for talent, growing and retaining them remains a challenge too.

For employees, this operating environment, has caused several wellness and performance related challenges like stress, anxiety, depression, hypertension, fears, etc. This is impacting the workplace and workforce adversely in terms of lowering productivity, conflicts and dysfunctional teams, lack of trust and collaboration, increased fraud and corruption, reduced innovation etc.

In this environment, we all are aspiring to remain connected and successful in the external world while remaining deeply connected with self. Those who can embrace and live this Paradox - Win in every sphere of life! There are Practices and techniques to aid us as taught by Gurudev.

Gurudev Shivam – is an enlightened master, bringing forth the wisdom of Spiritual Science and Meditation Techniques to all facets of our lives. His logical and scientific approach challenges stereotypes and beliefs that do not serve us in present day and age. He believes all can live a fulsome, joyful life and can overcome hardships and negativity with his approach to life. He is a Youth icon with a vision.

To raise the consciousness of each and every person through the practice of meditation leading to big shift in productivity and creativity.

To reveal the wisdom of abundance in all dimensions of life – physical, mental, socio-emotional and spiritual discovered by great saints and mystics.

To remove negativity in all forms – Thought, Speech and Action, bring positivity thus making it a happier and healthier world to live, work and thrive.


His Approach


It’s a technique of self-mastery over one’s mind and heart. We become more observant of our thoughts and feelings. We raise our self-awareness to a point where we can be aware of our every action and reaction. This helps to strengthen our knowledge of self, clarity of thought and decision making.


This is process of understanding ourselves fully. Our values, beliefs, who we are and why we are the way we are. It leads to self-analysis - a daily practice of self-reflection not only enhances our knowledge of self but also enables us to make better choices. Leaders who are coached by Gurudev on these aspect and are able to shape and commit to such a practice discover enhanced creativity, productivity, and joy in everything they do.

Practice the Virtues:

The wisdom shared by Gurudev will only fructify if applied in real life. Therefore, there is great emphasis on Practicing of the virtues to build stronger relationships, accomplish meaningful goals and attract abundance in health and wealth.

Group Learning and Sharing:

There is strong emphasis on peer group learning. This brings in new perspectives, ability to understand, accept and navigate group dynamics while keeping one centered in their core. Sharing of experiences provides encouragement to self and inspiration to others.

Giving Back:

The greatest joy comes not from the riches of the world but from selfless service. This is something to be experienced and is a ‘must’ for one’s spiritual growth too. This is what differentiates us from ordinary people to extraordinary being.

His sessions include Enlightened Talks, Meditation Practices and
Interactive Dialogues on the categories mentioned below.

These programs benefit the organizations and people in multiple ways:

  • Engage with and lead people with empathy
  • Drive innovation in business and creative problem solving
  • Develop lasting relationships with clients, stakeholders and employees
  • Build learning agility for self and teams
  • Lead change and influence outcomes

Ignorance leads to sorrow and misery. Overcome spiritual ignorance by cultivating discretion, wisdom and right thinking through self-study and association with wise ones.

His sessions include Enlightened Talks, Meditation Practices and
Interactive Dialogues on following Categories

Leadership and Results

  • Channelize your energy to build momentum and drive results with teams
  • Unleash your Executive Presence, instill confidence
  • Invite Heart Centered Leadership style and Build High performing Teams by Synergizing Strengths
  • Strengthen yourself Spiritually to become an Inspirational Leader

Lasting Relationships

  • Hold authentic and empathetic conversations
  • Transcend human connections into Deep and Lasting Relationships
  • Grow into an ‘Influencer’ by developing a ‘Can Do’ attitude and overcoming your limiting beliefs and negative emotions – Fear, Anger, Envy, Guilt, Loneliness etc.

Communicate with Impact

  • Build Self Awareness: Know yourself deeply and observe yourself in silence
  • Become Fearless: Finding your strongest voice and creative expression
  • Hold authentic and empathetic conversations

Performance and Productivity

  • Achieve more by effective Energy Management and relentless Resilience
  • Enhance Concentration and Productivity through Mindfulness Practice

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Develop Mindfulness by breaking old patterns, Being in the Present Moment
  • Develop Intuition, Vision and Forward Thinking

Creativity and Innovation

  • Channelize your energy to build momentum and drive results with teams
  • Connect with your inner self, unleash yourself fearlessly

Balanced Lifestyle

  • Manifesting your Dream Career
  • Find your highest purpose and true calling
  • Practice Mindfulness (Be Present) to balance for better

Meditation – Relaxation

This soothing Relaxation Meditation by Gurudev, ParamSiddha Sarv Shivam ji, uses the technique of progressive muscle relaxation from toes to crown of head, very gently taking one to a deep state of calmness. When our body is relaxed, we cannot feel anxious.

This Relaxation Meditation can help to reduce the symptoms of many diseases and conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, chronic pain, sleeping disorders, anxiety and depression.

It enhances mental, physical and emotional wellbeing thus improving our concentration, clarity of thought and joyfulness. It enhances mindfulness as it beautifully anchors us in the present moment. By being the observers to our body and channelizing the relaxation technique, we can heal ourselves.

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Meditation – Divine Light

This Divine Light Meditation by Gurudev, ParamSiddha Sarv Shivam ji, is a guided meditation technique to connect with our own super consciousness. Our true self. It is a journey within to find the answer to the quintessential question, “Who am I?”

This meditation helps us not just to raise our energy levels but also to channelize those energies towards our ascension. With regular practice this meditation will enhance our levels of empathy, compassion, focus and clarity of mind as well as our decision making and judgement as we can clearly see and experience people and situations as they are.

Once connected to the divine light, we develop deep insights into the nature of existence, can access wisdom of the universe and heal ourselves and all beings with unconditional love.

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The session with the entire team at RedCubes focused on decoding secrets to live a joyful, innovative and productive life. This session focused on the art of living in the present moment. Dwelling on our Past brings up sad or difficult memories and worrying about future can bring anxiety, hence if one centers themselves in the present moment and lives it fully and with awareness, one can truly live a life that is fulfilling. The session format was a discourse by Gurudev followed by Q & A.

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This leadership address focused on Mindfulness practices conducted for the senior team at Korn Ferry. The discussion revolved around key challenges faced by employees as they navigate corporate dynamics, build relationships or drive business goals:

The participants under guidance of Gurudev, experienced a meditation session focused on 7 chakras of human body and learnt ways to harness and channelize energy for optimum results.

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The corporate sessions at Mahindra and Mahindra focus on inspiring leaders to awaken to their leadership thought and action with consciousness. A self-enquiry methodology based on real life examples, sets in motion an interaction with the audience. This process enables participants to gain deeper insights into their leadership styles and lead their teams with greater effectiveness. Some of the topics covered in these corporate sessions are Vision, Intellectual Center, Professional Growth.

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Boston Scientific group hosted an event inviting Gurudev to address their teams on the topic of Mindfulness and Raising Consciousness of Self and Our Environment. This twofold agenda saw many employees participate in Tree Plantation activity with a lot of enthusiasm. The objective of these sessions is to raise awareness among employees towards our environment that nurtures us. The 2nd part of the session was a leadership address on Mindfulness by Gurudev. According to him, living life with mindfulness is essentially living a fulsome life.

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Stay Connected to peace and happiness – our real being!

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