Ksamavani kriya

10th Sept 2021


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Forgiveness is very desirable for those who receive it.
Throughout a lifetime, at one time or another, almost all of us will meet a situation that leaves us feeling wronged, betrayed, and deeply hurt.
Kshamavani Kriya-
It is a time of high importance amongst several cultures when a person enters into self- introspection and seeks forgiveness for their thoughts and action.

Psychologists and spiritual teachers of every tradition agree that forgiveness heals the emotional pain that bitterness and resentment create.
But what is forgiveness? And how do we get there?
Gurudev Shivam designed a Yogic technique that explains the benefits of forgiveness, how to begin to let go of our anger, and the freedom that comes from letting go of past hurts. Strengthen the introspection and reach the state of bliss and lightness.

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