Paramsiddha Sarv Shivam Ji Has Modernized the ancient and unknown meditation techniques to lift mankind enabling individuals to “Connect to Super Consciousness”. Revolutionary to say the least and poised to transform generations in India and across the World!

Heartfulness Meditation

It is a delightful meditation technique that awakens us to the very source of love and life present within us. Practitioners concentrate on activating the heart chakra. It is a powerful technique that harmonises the world through the infinite love that radiates while connecting onleself with the root and crown chakra. The activated chakra is a powerful source that helps the energy along a straight path. Heartfulness Meditation unlocks the heart chakra that opens immense possibilities leading to fearlessness, health, better communication and absence of hate, jealousy and envy towards others as the energy flows as unconditional love.


Shambhavi is a powerful mudra used during meditation to calm the mind and penetrate higher stages of consciousness. You gaze at the junction of your eye brows to Kundalini Awakening.

Anhad-Naad Meditation

It is the Primordial sound. In this practitioner connects through the celestial music in the form of a Satsang to listen to the primordial sound inside us.

Prana Meditation

In this the practitioner learns how to breathe. This meditation particularly reduces the stress level, anxiety, and mainly revolves around three chakras i.e. crown chakra, throat chakra and heart chakra and sometimes solar plexus depending on the individual. It helps reduce ageing, anxiety, removes blockages in chakra and makes the respiration good and strong.

Intensive Mediation

This is Gurudev’s technique which involves physical movement where a person is mentally aware at the same time. In this the practitioner breathes very fast and deep and makes oneself calm. During the movement one tends to realise and enjoy the things going inside him particularly the joy (anand) that one has. (This practice includes mantra, physical activity and mental awareness).

Siddha’s Meditation

Practitioner raises the conscious level up to crown chakra and releases all negative impressions or burden carried by the soul. This sadhana enhances the inner power, removes all the blockages, fear, and lack of productivity

Kundalini Awakening

The practitioner raises the kundalini from the root chakra to crown chakra to activate all the chakras and all the seven powerful bodies, respectively ( physical, mental and astral) and frees oneself from all the negative impression. This sadhana requires mantra and deep concentration on chakras.

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