Our Intent holds the Seed to Ultimate Bliss

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The word which you are reading was once a fabulous idea residing in the Invisible domain of the field of intention. These words match up to one’s own vibrational energy and also the source of love- light healing. The Conscious intent is that which allows the flow of ideas in one’s brain directly.

In the universe there is an immeasurable, inestimable, indescribable, inexpressible force which is called intent. It is an absolute truth that everything exists in the entire Cosmos is attached to intent by a connectivity linked with each other and beyond of it. The Whole universe, is running on the basis of intent.

“Our intention creates our reality”

– Wayne Dyer

Intention means a plan being purposeful about what we create and accomplished it. we create a reality through our conscious intent. The intentions we create today influence the life we live tomorrow. We articulate a desire in form of seed and put our thought and intentions in it after sometimes we can see a seed growing in a form of plant and later on becomes a tree. It is the same process through intent we create our future.

” fail to plan and plan to fail”

When one decides to do something, the person instantly uses the power of intent and if used in a correct way or being in the present, gets to see the magic in life. Conscious intent can gradually change a person’s persona or as in astral language we call it “Aura”. For positive and healthy life one need to work conscious intent by living every moment in present and in full awareness as Param Siddha Gurudev Sarv Shivam Ji always, says one should always be in awareness and in 100% conscious state.

So, if one wants to live happy but right now feeling unhappy, one has to imagine something and feel happiness around them. Even if someone doesn’t feel so or not able to do that consciously, one tries to put the intent in their thought and remember all the happiest memories. Be grateful every time and in a mode of gratitude. When you do that Somehow, from the universe, you start receiving the same what you have asked or thought of. Since the happiness now surrounds you and you start attracting happy moments in your life and receive abundance. Now accept that and live in that consciously this is the magic of conscious intent

” Intention is the case of all conscious life. Conscious intention colours and moves everything”

-Hsing Yun

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