Shaivaite Gayatri Sadhna

3rd August 2020


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What is Shaivite Gayatri Sadhna?

From the ancient wisdom, Gayatri was seen as a consort of eternal blissful absolute para Shivam manifest in the form of the sun (Shiv Surya)

The mantra form of Gayatri who possesses the power of millions of sun in BrahmandGayatri Mantra Sadhna could be the route for the terrific aspect of Para-śakti which helps in killing the demon vetra which resembles the inner vikārs of human.

There are 24 forms of Gayatri of which ‘Vedmāta’ considered as the mother of all the Vedas contain the power of Mantra as the Revelation proceeding from Om bhūrbhuvahsvah’ becomes the Rig Veda from’TatsatviturVareņyam’ the principal of the asterisk knowledge were rendered in the yajur Veda; from ‘ Bhargodevasyadhīmahi’ came the knowledge of the functioning of the universe contained in the Sama Veda; and from ‘ Dhiyoyonahpracodayāt’ the secret of cosmic and divine power were embodied the Atharva Veda. For this reason, Gayatri is known to be the celestial mother too, the best over divinity or of the divine beings.

Why it is important and how this Sadhana would benefit you at an individual level?

Gayatri being the ‘Vedmata’ takes us up to the level of divinity by instilling in us the quality of Charity, equanimity, and of the right conduct it has the power which leads one’s soul to this state and helps in becoming the instrument of social harmony and prosperity.

  • ShaiviteGayatrisadhana develops a ‘Naad’ (unheard sound) a regular vibration in the channels of the Subtle body
  • It opens the various spiritual centers of your body
  • The energy generate a wondrous, a pulsating ringing so that powerful energy flows from the chakras of the Subtle body
  • This endows you to the yoga Shakti, the energy of union with the divine
  • removing any kinds of fear and purifies one’s mental arena that which is responsible for the decision making part of the brain
  • buy meditating on by meditating on the ancient Mantra of Gayatri one will gradually realise that the whole universe is the radiance of Mother Divine and helps one to witness as the embodiment of one’s own soul
  • When one ascends to search an elevated state by this Sadhna one never fall back in their life it gives the power of 20 million suns in the universe that makes you powerhouse and manifest the wisdom and abundance one’s need in their life
  • This alone is the fulfillment of the spirituality, which one can attain effortlessly the reason why Gayatri is hailed as a mother of all.
The necessity of Gayatri in times of COVID-19?

Gayatri protects from the negative influences of any kind of epidemic or famine. This Sadhna maintains a balance between air, fire, and earth. The three qualities of dośas in the body, ensuring good health. There is nothing more purifying than the ShaiviteGayatri Sadhna in this pandemic that helps you to make a shield of divine light Inside out which helps to build your health aura strong and maintain your immunity

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