Shree Sadhna


6th November, 2018 | 8 PM onwards


Vipul Greens Clubhouse Lawn

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This Diwali manifest the prosperity in your life and overall abundance. Remove all your financial obstacle through Diwali sadhana of the celestial sound of the universe done by Param Siddha Sarv Shivam Ji ( Gurudev)


  • This Diwali invoke abundance and prosperity through this sadhna and atune with Lord ganesha, kuber and goddess laxmi
  • Money manifesting sadhna financial abundance grid on kali chaudas/ choti Diwali- auspicious to attract money energy
  • Remove all sorts of negative energies
  • Diya lighting to remove darkness

Team shivoham foundation

“Let Her who is the Goddess of all good things, grant me a glance that will bring prosperity”

-Lakshmi Sahasram

Shri Durga Saptshati is an ancient scripture. In praise of divine goddess and each tales Hai lightning the heroine instinct of Maa, that is widely discussed in traditional culture the real power lies in these 13 Tales of Durga Saptshati in scriptures each segment, has its own significance telling whole act of bravery and divinity of Maa.

In the present situation where conflict war, diseases, disaster, sorrow, suffering are increasing, Param Siddha Guru Dev sarv Shivam ji brings change to society through his positivity and with divine grace of God is he now spreading the divinity amongst us creating and letting us do a positive Karma by chanting Durga saptsati

Along with 13 chapters, there are 700 versus decoded by our ancient sages what comes true is a powerful gist of Beej Mantra or seed syllables each Beej Mantra is a living entity and invokes the Goddess in some form Param Siddha Guru Dev sarv Shivam Ji will himself teach how to meditate on each chakra and remove all evil and negativity from it.

Each syllable has its own great sanctity along with the three units in the meditation of Trinity of Goddesses

Mahakali– (kills the evil)
Mahalaxmi– (gives infinite material and spiritual wealth)
Maha Saraswati– ( imparts great wisdom)

And so, one is blessed with these energies if practised just through chanting

And so, one is blessed with these energies if
practised just through chanting

What will be
the takeaway from
Durga Saptshati

  • Eliminate of disease/ pain in any part of the physical body or Astral body
  • Clearing all the obstacles in the path of success
  • Shatru Mukti
  • Healing of all the pain and sorrow
  • Materialistic Joy such as wealth, happiness and blissful family
  • Abolish all sorts of negative energy in the house extreme in eating Evil spirits and Ghosts or any sort of harmful black magic
  • Activate your chakras and remove negativity/ blockage from it
  • Easy achievement of goals in life
  • One who practices get blessed with a peaceful and sharp mind and reaches to accession after death
  • House that practices daily find abundance grace of divine goddess

Stay Connected to peace and happiness – our real being!

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