The Essence of Religion

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On the day of Janamashtami, few of us were sitting with Guruji. Discussion on Satsang and seva was going on. He was actually discussing to find the venue for satsang where more number of people could attend and get benefit out of it.

Though I was sitting quietly and listening to him and his devotees, lots of things were going on inside me. Ever since my childhood the thought which bothered me and hurt me most was the discrimination on the basis of religion. We are all human beings with the same flesh and blood but why can’t we pray together?

Peace is one of the most common elements of almost all prayers. So, why can’t we get the essence of peace by praying together? Why Muslims avoid going to temples and why Hindus don’t approve of Muslim religion.

Suddenly I found Guruji looking at me with his divine smile.

I call it divine as it heals all pain instantly and pacifies the heart and mind. I was totally awestruck when he asked me “Do you have any friend or neighbour who is a Muslim or from any other religion? If they are interested in attending satsang, ask all of them to come and join us.” It seemed that a current passed from my head to toe. I was not at all prepared for this. It took me few seconds to gather myself to be able to speak. Then slowly I asked Guruji “why is there discrimination to reach God, to pray to God? Why can’t we enjoy the essence of peace and love together from each and every religion?”

Again with that divine and serene smile, which is constant on his face, he said “Do you know what is the basic theme of every religion? It is to teach how to love each other and bring us closer to ourselves and God. But, it is very sad that religion is not uniting but dividing us. We should not forget that our strength lies in our unity. “Dharma” or religion is not something that divides us. Anything that helps us to unite and develop pure human love and universal brotherhood is “Dharma”. Anything that creates discord, split, disharmony and hatred is “Adharma”. Dharma sustains life, provides refuge. People are God’s gift to mankind. By respecting people we are actually respecting the Creator. When a child is born, he has no conscious knowledge about himself and his surroundings. He is innocent and full of love. The only thing he/she knows is love. The rest is taught by us, be it hatred, jealousy, greed or even terrorism. We don’t have the power to change destiny as it is not in our hands. But the power we have is that of love which is within us. Imagine the world with no borders, no wars, no hatred, only love and peace everywhere. As we sow, so shall we reap. If we sow the seeds of love, peace and happiness, we get to reap tons of love, peace and happiness.

Love cannot be given or taken by force. Religion as it stands today is given by force. Love is realised from within, with loving actions, loving emotions and loving feelings and the results are always productive. Religion given by force can turn us into what we are not and take us miles away from God and humanity.

God is love and love is God. There is nothing else down here and above. Humanity is the religion of mankind. There is no difference amongst people. They belong to only one category that is the human race.

Manav Dharma is Maha Dharma

It’s never too late to join hands and make this world a beautiful place to live in for us and our future generation. God has sent us as a visitor to this planet. So let us enjoy our stay as a visitor rather than amassing wealth for us & harboring hatred for others. What is the need for rush in our day to day lives? Why is there a desire to get more and more? Let’s do whatever we do with utmost sincerity and leave the result to God. Our destiny of tomorrow depends on our actions of today.

Guruji says, don’t adjust or compromise on non-violence. If no-one comes along, start your own journey to create a place free from war, full of harmony, peace and love. Being an artist is true form of being human, it represents humanity in you, because an artist creates a whole new better world to live. He says everything lies within you. The peace, the love, the happiness is all within you only. You only need to cleanse and condition your soul to be aware of yourself and experience it.

If you have a feeling of helplessness, you can also feel a sense of healing. Be the embodiment of love and peace and radiate to those who need it, who seek it. When you give selflessly the grace and blessing just flows abundantly.

My dear friends, let’s make our earth a heaven. Guruji – Param Siddha Gurudev Sarv Shivam ji is your own and very close to each one of you. He is an ocean of knowledge, unconditional love and divinity, waiting with open arms to embrace you all. He transcends the boundaries of caste, creed or religion. It is my soulful invitation to you all to come to him and rediscover yourself, realise your immense potential and to make your journey of life meaningful.

Author: Sangita Bhattacharya

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