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Every being Wants to be loved. Everyone wants love, happiness, peace, success in his/her life. Every individual is working hard to get success in terms of relation, work, achieving all hidden desires, making money and even after getting all these he is not happy or satisfied. He still demands happiness from others that come in the form of pure love because love is the source of happiness. The more love we have, the happier we become. love is such that once it is in our hand we never want to let it go but the source of life cannot be governed by human will and love is the only source of life we have all come out of. Where we are born out of love, so we must live for love and not for wars and hatred

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own”

-H Jackson Brown

Everyone concerned about fulfilling his own happiness index and that they do by demanding from others. Somehow, when others are not able to fulfil this condition, problems arise such as anger, frustration, jealousy etc. It comes in other negative forms also like competitions. All these are the materialistic barriers that get’s attracted toward the impure form of love.

While we are running towards every possible thing, the question here arises is what is happiness and what is the cause of it? As param Siddha Gurudev sarv Shivam Ji mentions happiness is nowhere outside, it is from within and love is nothing but the inner peace we have within us. The power to achieve peace, unity and equality for all can be found in the core of love. when we find someone lovable our face instantly becomes Radiant. It is because of one’s love towards that person, as the true love is the answer of the universe, the centre of the universe and the original fountain of the same.

Love is a Cardinal point of happiness, The Invisible order and the piece that serves the common good. it is the common set of all humanity and the symbol of the Supreme will and power

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you”

-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Everybody is running behind material things and seek happiness in the same. This creates so many negative conditions that they forget themselves, their essence and who they are and why they came here in a human form. They also forget what is the purpose of one’s life. Also whatever one wants, why do they so want it and what part of them need to be whole, what is the purpose of them being here what they need to realise about. When we realise about these things we get everything so easily in our life and we can only be realised through awareness because it is the key to the actual realisation as whenever we are in love or receive love we become calm quiet and relaxed and in Supremacy of tranquillity we become our very own nature which brings awareness gradually

Love is the Supreme Power. Love holds the supreme value. once you have true love in your life the whole universe follows you so if a person wants genuine and pure kind of love that person needs to start to attract it and start giving the same kind the person wants and once you’re standing in loves place of honour all creation will follow you

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an energy into a friend”

-Martin Luther King

The Supreme Power of love is true love which everyone wants to attain and experience it. So how can we get this true love in our lives?

There are four ways in which we can be related to the ones we love

First by loving them and being attached and dependent on them. Second by being attached and be independent. Third is being in love but without attachment for the highest form of love is when you become love and love is inclusive where everything is indulged and there is no need of an attachment nor detachment. In true love you are beyond attachment and detachment which is universal love

Love is the fuel that drives the world and we are all born out of love. We are love ourselves and we need to spread love continuously. Love is the most powerful emotion of human being. Along with it some other aspects arise in human mind like attachment, dependence, possessiveness, jealousy greed, lust anger conflict competition worry and anxiety. Love in its purest form does not have any of these aspects but human associates love with all these negative expressions because of his self preserving mind and ego

Once love is diluted and corrupted with these negative aspects of life our lives gradually become miserable. On the contrary love is pure, divine like natural water, an infinite ocean of peace. We only need to dive deep in it. Love in its purest form is unconditional. love is the only way of giving. True love expects nothing in return. A lack of understanding of ourselves leads dependence.

In the end we get to know that nothing is permanent and the only permanent thing is change. Life is like a river and not like a stagnant water even though we are at times disheartened when friend turns into enemy or someone we love leaves us. Still life goes on and this is how it works

To be able to love we need to find ourselves first. we are not to be identified as someone’s daughter or someone’s brother. We need to find ourselves and fall in love with oneself and when we do that we can never be alone once we find and love ourselves we can never fall short of love

Love as much as you want. love as many being as you can for the purpose to spread love on the earth. It can happen when you are full of love because you have been created to love. As you expect something in return love gets corrupted and possessive, insecurities, fear, greed and all these negative expressions start entering into our relationships. Where there is no doubt there is no breakup and love never dies

“True love is selfless. it is prepared to sacrifice”

-Sadhu Vaswani

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