World Healing Prayer

29th July 2021

6:35 AM UNK – 7:35 AM UNK
What is World Healing Prayer?


We are very happy to share that our Beloved Guru is offering World HEALING PRAYERS for all of us.

We are also deeply honored that during this tough time he initiates a Divine Collective Healing Prayer every week to Celebrate life and to minimize the level of Mental stress and anxiety which is very common among youth.

This is a wonderful opportunity to deeply immersed in the Positive Energy field without stepping outside your home.

These Divine Meditation Sessions are open and available for everyone who is called to discover who they truly are. During Satsang, –

    • One has to log in into your FACEBOOK account and open SHIVOHAM FOUNDATION PAGE.
    • Sit in a comfortable position and you can lit the lamp in front of you if you wish ( keep the lamp and phone screen at distance)
    • Just silently listen to the Divine guidance by Gurudev and meditate upon it.

Satsang speaks the Truth of your life as it brings forward any burning questions, doubts that you may have and will lend you the answer.
Be mindful of what you’re listening in relation to your search for lasting peace, joy, and liberation. Every human being has this eternal purity inside, and in Satsang, it is being unveiled.

Divine love and blessings

Stay Connected to peace and happiness – our real being!

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