Deep Cleansing for Self-Growth

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3 Days Virtual Program

Day 1

Buddha Purnima is a very auspicious day and in order to prepare ourselves to experience the greatest benefits from the high energies of this day, we are going to start something very special and important. Buddha Purnima is also the birth of our Shakyamuni Buddha and the enlightenment day and the MaparinirvanaDiwas also. It is a very powerful day and there are certain conditions which occur during the occasion of Vaisakh Purnima which is why it is called the Vaisakh festival as well. It is a good day to receive many blessings but receiving can only happen when you become a supatra – the deserving one. There is so much in this existence which we can experience when we can become aware of our true self and the universe. So, coming to the point this Sadhnais about performing deep cleansing of our inner selves in preparation for Buddha Purnima Sadhna.

Inorder to welcome something great we need to have a pure consciousness. That is the only way to attract the abundance. So we clear the unwanted dirt and negativity. Negativity of emotions, guilt and fears. Through this process we will clear many types of negativity known and unknown which can be seen and cannot be seen. That you can only observe while going deeper inside. Through the process of deep cleansing we will clear our physical, emotional and psychological residues that reside in our deep subconscious mind. The times have been strenuous with COVID 19, Financial and political stress and people are at home and sometimes are lost and don’t know what to do. Because of this ‘not knowing’ there are so many thoughts that pop up in our consciousness like clouds in the sky. Clouds in the sky can be seen through our naked eye because the sky is outside but actually there is a sky inside of us as well which we are unaware of. So, if we see thoughts are like clouds not fixed but they keep moving and don’t stay at a particular place. It is same like the thought in our consciousness. The problems arise when we attach ourselves to a specific thought. These thoughts can be good or bad.It hardly matters whether the thoughts are good or bad. Thoughts are thoughts. Even Buddha said to live in the present moment without sticking to a particular thought is the way of life which we frequently talk about the term called Mindfulness.

Mindfulness simply means bringing your whole selves together in the very moment and becoming the observer of everything and when we do that we are inviting the abundance consciousness and staying away from our thoughts, our guilts and our fears which the mind has created.  By removing all the negative emotions through the process of deep cleaning we invite something which is not of this world. Something which is extraordinary.  If you really want to invite that which is extraordinary we have to do something which is extraordinary. And that extraordinary thing is called deep cleansing. So, the week before Buddha Purnima, we enter into a zone of Vaisakh which is 6-7 days prior to Buddha Purnima.The energy in this time is very positive to work on ourselves and with less effort we can gain more and clear all these unwanted toxic emotions which are creating trouble in our lives. Many people ask the question that even though we know something is not appropriate for us yet we follow it. That is because of lack of mindfulness. One of the natures of self is ‘forgetfulness’ because of which awareness decreases. With Mindfulness we drop forgetfulness and we become very conscious and aware in the very moment.

Deep cleansing

Day 2

Namaste All! I receivea lot of messages from people about deep cleansing process. Deep cleaning is a process to bring down your unwanted toxic negativities which continuously pull you back. Through this process we let go of all unwanted particles inside of us which are not worthy to be kept within.  So,its important to understand a few things.

This deep cleansing is very important and essential at this point of time because through this process we become hollow, we become empty and emptiness has its own quality. So,you really need to understand how you are from inside. The qualities you carry insidewill determine what kind of energy you will connect with. What we are from inside those kinds of energies we attract. With the deep cleansing process, we become empty. The hollowness which is the outcome of the cleansing process allows us to connect with the supreme. The universe, the higher energies or whatever name we may want to call it, you can only become one with those higher energies if you are empty from inside. If you want to create positive energies, instead of focusing on the positive energies you can focus on the negativities inside you so that you can remove all that and once you are away from all these negative elements then you become very vibrant and radiant. That is the way to connect with those higher energies.

Buddha Purnima falls in theVaishak week and 6-7 days prior. These are very auspicious days and of great worth. So, if you understand this period, utilize this time and create something from this. This can help you bring positive changes in your life. Today, the deep cleansing kriya will have such an impact that will help us get to the next level. We experienced it yesterday to some extent. Since yesterday was Day 1, I took it slow. Today we will continue with intense kriya.

The first step to clean the inner self is to think about good and positive for others. It is an intention. The intention which we create from inside is actually a reflection of our consciousness from inside. If we are thinking welfare and happy living for others you will attract that. You can also become medium to help someone. The best thing you can offer to someone is to bring about transformation in them, the positive change. And when you become medium to help someone, you are doing a very noble work. It’s God’s work when we help someone to grow. So today through the process of deep cleansing we will remove the toxins from our body – from our physical, emotional and psychological self. This is actually the process of detoxification.  We accumulate so much negativity for e.g. recently we have gone through so many pollutants in the environment. There was so much pollution and pm scale was too high, excessive to the level of alarming situation.

When you go out you accumulate the pollutants in your lungs, dust etc. Our energy body functions in a similar manner like this. When we go out, we meet many people. We come across some people we do not know. People carry all kinds of energies and our aura is very sensitive. When we come in contact with such people and their energies we absorb that and become one with that. Then we do not know what to do. We start to feel low, mood swings and because of lack of awareness we are unable to find the reason. Through the process of detoxification, you can figure out the unwanted baggage.  You can let go of the baggage that you have been carrying. This may be from few months or years that we are carrying these energies. This is the time when you can think about yourself. This lock down actually is very positive. It’s a boon. If you think positively then this lockdown is actually a boon. In this lockdown when we are completely with ourselves, we observe our thoughts and emotions each and every moment.This is the process through which our whole system is working and we learn what is appropriate and inappropriate for us.  We can be completely with ourselves and we can unburden ourselves. Through the process of unburdening we actually attract abundance in the consciousness. This is the right way to grow in this world and grow spiritually as well. A true spiritual life is when you reflect and go deeper and the outcome of this going deeper and reflecting is self-growth.  Self-growth happens when you go deeper and you reflect on what needs to be done. This whole life is a learning process and through that process we find out how we are actually living and what we are doing.

Deep cleansing

Day 3

I salute the divinity that resides within all of you. The third day of self-purification is very necessary in many ways. This we are doing in making ourselves ready to receive the benefits from Buddha Purnima Sadhana.

The difficulties that occur in life and the conditions of incompatibility, give rise to such incidents in our life from which a new dimension emerges. When we try to understand those new aspects, only then the meaning of that situation emerges bringing clarity and rational of its existence. I would like to put this to you through a story.

There was a professor in a class. As soon as the class started, he asked one of his students to pick a glass and tell him the weight of that glass. Thestudent replied, fifty grams, someone else said one hundred grams, one hundred and fifty grams and so on. Hearing this, the professor sat down calmly and then asked if I could hold this glass in my hand for some time, can it increase or decrease its weight?Everyone replied that it is impossible. The weight of the glass will remain the same.So, he instructed a student to hold the glass in his hands and stand. That student stood up. Then for a few minutes, he stood like that. After a few minutes he started feeling a bit heavy, he told the professor that now I feel the weight of the glass being heavier in my hands.

But even then,the professor did not instruct him to keep the glass down. So that student stood in the same way and after some time, his muscles got tensed and started hurting. He said that now my hand is hurting so much that I am no longer able to hold the glass. And eventually his hand started hurting so much that he immediately had to put the glass down.

If you examine this situation you will realizethat in reality, this burden is the burden of our thoughts. An idea that has no special significance in our life, when we hold on to that idea for a long time, then at one point of time its weight becomes so much that it looks and feels many times more than the actual weight.And because of this weight and pressure, our mind becomes so dim that we do not know what to do. When we are not able to control our thoughts, there comes a time that we throw up our hands in despair and experience a death like state.

So how should we keep thoughts pure? Imagine there is a house, if the house is not cleaned it will accumulate a lot of dirt. Our body is similar. If we keep collecting garbage in it and do not cleanse it, it will become just as dirty. We must understand that this process of self-cleansing is very important for us.

These are challenging withCOVID epidemic, Financial and Political Stresses in which people are very nervous.Unknowingly, we are collecting a lot of negativity, filling ourselves with unhealthy thoughts. There are many things that do not need filling but we still keep at it. So, when we bottle up many things in one place, it feels like it will explode. Our brain is created in such a way that unless it is left empty, it will not remain calm and then it will not be able to function to its full potential as per its capacity.

Therefore, it should be understood clearly – the difference between the essential things that need to be thought about and ones which should be removed from the brain. But we do the exact opposite. We think only those which are not important to us and we forget to talk about the things we should understand deeply.

Like we are suffering from many concerns but to deal with them there is this process of self-cleansing, the path of meditation or the journey inside ourselves, we do not even think about it. The entire effort of this three-day live program is to cleanse ourselves so that all the filth inside is thrown out. And after cleansing, you can have a vision of what is true, the eternal truth. The upcoming Buddha Purnima is a very auspicious day.

In these days, even if we do a little work on ourselves we can gain manifold benefits. At this time, if we work on our thoughts and ourselves, we become capable, we can progress ourselves. A great self-transformation is hidden in that work of progress. The second stage of this advancement is self-transformation. We talk a lot about the destination, but we have not started walking yet. And the one who reaches the destination is able to learn to walk. Ability to continue walking on the path is also a very big art.

As we move forward in the third day of self-cleansing, it is necessary to understand certain things. When we walk this path of self-cleansing, our mind starts to become pure. When it moves towards purity, we should live in a place surrounded with positive energy from where our consciousness is not polluted in any way, not contaminated.Because if a house is clean, then when you step in it, you have to take great care that your mud soiled feet do not spoil that room. Thus, when we are doing this purification work, the state of our mind is also completely pure as new.

The thoughts that we have at that time should be closely monitored. You should take every step very thoughtfully. Keep company of positive people around you. And think positively and constructiveabout yourself. Ifengaging with a person can create negativity in your heart, it’s better to maintain distance from them.

Because even Buddha says in his words that if you do not have a single friend it doesn’t matter. But if you have even one enemy, then it can become an obstacle in your path of meditation, in the path of spirituality. Where a hundred friends cannot harm you so much, an enemy can harm you significantly.

And know that this friend and enemy are within ourselves. Our positive thinking is our friend and negative thinking is our enemy. If there is a thought that talks about loss, that thinks about our destruction, it is the biggest negative thinking and the most harmful one too. Everything is within ourselves. Therefore, It is imperative to know how our environment and our company should be when we are doing deep inner work on ourselves. Then we can move forward in the spiritual journey with much awareness.

We are the ones who decide our environment. We should also be aware in that decision. Let us know where is auspicious for us and where inauspicious. Thus, let us follow this path guided by our Guru and move towards self-knowledge through self-purification. Blessings to you all!

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Deep Cleansing for Self-Growth

3 Days Virtual Program
Day 1
Buddha Purnima is a very auspicious day and in order to prepare ourselv

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