Ancestral Healing

22nd Sept 2019
4PM Onwards
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The incidents take place in our life because of the karmic unresolved past issues of us with our ancestors is what Pitra Dośa is.

What is it ?
Pitra is what we call a member who is not alive in the family and the consequences of the unresolved issues of the past that person left behind is what know as Pitra Dośa.

What do we need to understand?

  • You can release your ancestor from the sufferings and extend them.
  • You can make them change, grow and heal.
  • No rituals.
  • Concerned with health and relationships of you and ancestor, respectively.

What we will do to get rid of it?

  • Understanding the stumbling blockage and get our id of it through sadhna

How to do?

  • Search the root cause of the unresolved issues from the past and send healing given by Gurudev.
  • with that healing, you free your ancestor which was stuck with you unknowingly.

Take away-

  • Librate from all the debts of Deva and pitra
  • Librate from Pitra Dośa
  • The liberation of any stuck of pitra atma
  • Financial abundance
  • Improvement in health issues
  • The Increment is the acceptance level

Remove all stumbling block from your body.

Stay Connected to peace and happiness – our real being!

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