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1st November 2021

1st November 2021

With the grace of Our Beloved GURUDEV, Let’s come together and join the very powerful sacred ŚRI SĀDHNA which comes once a year.


Self Learning is an intergal part of your Spiritual Growth

Shaivite Gayatri Sadhna

What is Shaivite Gayatri Sadhna?
From the ancient wisdom, Gayatri was seen as a consort of eternal b

आत्म शुद्धि से आत्म उन्नति

गहरी आंतरिक शुद्धि क्रिया
प्रथम दिवस

Deep Cleansing for Self-Growth

3 Days Virtual Program
Day 1
Buddha Purnima is a very auspicious day and in order to prepare ourselv


We use our filters of gyan, buddhi, samskar, rituals and
hence receive only a portion of the joy we deserve.

There are signs that mark the advent of a divine being on Earth. An event so significant cannot take place in isolation. Sometimes the signs are subtle and sometimes quite obvious.

The birth of Gurudev was preceded by a few such experiences that his parents had.

When his mother was expecting him, she had sightings of baby snakes inside her home. The significance of a sighting or dream of snakes is said to bring in New Spiritual Awakening, and transformation towards one’s higher self.

This incident was followed by a dream in which a majestic snake–believed to be Anant Naag, appeared in-front of her. Mythology says, Anant Naag is a divine serpent that has a sacred place on Lord Shiva’s neck alongside Vasuki and is said to cool Shiva’s neck that holds the deadliest poison – Halahal Vish.